Group Classes & Workshops

Reactivity Class : Training Both Ends of the Leash

Image by Tucker Good


6 Weekly Sessions

60 minutes


New Dates Coming

April & May 2021

Does your dog bark, lunge, snarl, or growl at other dogs while out on walks? What starts as a relaxing walk to get some exercise and fresh air turns into a disaster? This class was made for you!


  • Understand why your dog exhibits reactivity

  • Learn to modify your behavior to best help your dog

  • Teach your dog simple skills and techniques to manage reactivity

  • Learn how to stay calm in the presence of triggers


This 6-week course will be completed in-person at our Fairfax Campus. We only accept 4 canine candidates per course to ensure proper safety and management of all participants. The first week will be an orientation class for humans only - no dogs allowed. The remaining 5 weeks will be in-person with dogs present to begin working through their individual reactivity in a group setting. 

Enrollment limited to active patients/clients of ABWC.

Please call or email to enroll

Instructors: Kayla Frazier and Courtney Moyer 

CHILL OUT!  Foundation Skills : Settle & Relax



4 Weekly Sessions

45 minutes


New Dates

Coming Soon!

Imagine it... your dog is starting to get wound up, agitated, and doesn’t know what to do with herself. You say “Bailey, go settle” and she finds her mat, lies down, and takes a deep breath. Sounds like a pipe dream doesn’t it?


It doesn’t have to be! Settle & Relax is an essential foundation skill for dogs. Whether your dog is still a silly puppy, a highly anxious adolescent or even an aggressive adult, a settle and relax opens the door for a variety of other trained behaviors.


In this supportive, group environment, learn from the comfort and calm of your own home, but get professional coaching and troubleshooting on a weekly basis. Come with us to take the first step to teaching your dog to be calm.


Instructor: Courtney Moyer

Muzzle Madness! 



4 Weekly Sessions

45 minutes


Teach your dog to want to wear a muzzle.


The number one reason families visit our practice is because of aggression. If you've met with us, you already know that aggression is a fear-based behavior. Your pet isn't giving you a hard time, she's having a hard time. Responsible pet owners know that muzzle training can be integral part of their pet's behavioral rehabilitation. Muzzles prevent "accidents," advertise the need for personal space, and help to provide peace of mind. 

In this four week course, learn to train your dog, not just to tolerate wearing a muzzle, but how to truly love when it comes out of the drawer. Although this course is designed with our current clients in mind, it's open to anyone who wants to better learn how to train muzzles. 

Instructor: Kayla Frazier

Prepping Dogs for Baby & Toddler Workshop 

Image by mali desha


90 minutes


May 22, 2021


It's hard enough trying to figure out what equipment you need, how many diapers, how you're possibly going to get enough sleep... but now you also have to worry about ensuring your fur-babies are going to get along with the furless-baby.

In this 90 minute session via ZOOM, we'll teach you how to do just that. Learn about some of the common pitfalls, what you can be doing now to help with the transition, and ways to ensure everyone stays safe and happy in the years to come. 

Instructor: Christine Michaud

Puppy Classes & Workshops

New Puppy Workshop

Image by Karsten Winegeart


90 minutes

In-person or ZOOM

First Wednesday of Every Month, 6PM

In this 90-minute workshop, we will take you on the whirlwind tour of new puppy ownership. It's so much easier to prevent problems rather than dealing with them once they are bad habits.


  • Featuring LIVE! puppy demos

  • Topics include : puppy's first days at home, house training, feeding habits, play behaviors, car/travel anxiety, nipping, chewing, and destructive behaviors.

  • We will address dynamics of children and puppies, as well as introducing puppy to other household pets

  • No puppies in this session please. Humans only.




Instructor: Christine Michaud

Puppy Socialization Class for puppies 8-14 weeks old

Having a Bath


4 Weekly Sessions

60 minutes


Rolling Enrollment

Puppy socialization is like "vaccinating" your puppy for behavior problems. The socialization window for dogs only lasts from about 3 - 12 weeks of age. It is during this time that puppies learn what is normal in their world and what is not. Anything not experienced during this time frame can elicit a fear and even an aggressive response in adulthood. ​

Puppy classes will focus on bringing up a healthy puppy. This includes exposing them to a variety of novel items and situations in a positive manner. Some areas of focus include exposure to positive veterinary handling as well as preparation for future grooming and bathing experiences. Additionally, we demonstrate the process of conditioning your pup to potentially scary environment noises such as garbage trucks, dishwashers, and vacuums. This will help to prepare you and your fur baby for future navigation through the human world! With rolling enrollment, never wait for a class. You can get started right away. 


​Instructor: Christine Michaud

Puppy Life Skills Class for puppies 12-20 weeks old

Image by Yoad Shejtman


6 Weekly Sessions

60 minutes


Join us online for a fun, 6-week ZOOM Puppy Skills class. This is something the two of you can do together, or along with the whole family — and it’s even more important than ever, during this period of “self-isolation.” Here's some of what we’ll cover:

  • Your puppy will come to realize that you are the most fun and exciting thing in his world! 

  • You’ll learn problem-solving strategies to help your pup when things get tough.

  • We’ll incorporate games that teach your pup some basic skills, such as attention, polite walking, sit and wait, “come!", trade, and more.

If you’ve got a puppy, ages 12-20 weeks old, time is of the essence! 

Instructor: Susan Sanderson

Puppy Play & Train

Saturdays, 8AM or 9:10AM 


Our Puppy Play and Train classes are perfect for new puppy owners! In these classes puppy handlers learn to manage their puppy’s behavior around the distractions of other dogs and people in a positive way. Puppies will learn focused and calm behaviors in highly distracting environments as well as socialization to puppies and people.

Skills Learned:

  • Recall 

  • Down and settle 

  • Offered eye contact

  • Name recognition

  • Puppy Play Time Included!

6 Puppy Limit  |  50 min Classes  |  Rolling Admissions


First, watch the orientation video. This will ensure you are prepared for your puppy's first class.


Second, fill out the paperwork and please send this back to us in order to proceed with scheduling you on the calendar


Finally! Once you send your paperwork back in, we will send you a registration link to enroll.



Watch the Orientation Video 



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Enroll and Let the Fun Begin!