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Juliet Purll


Juliet Cheheyl Purll is a Behavior Consultant and Veterinarian Assistant. At Animal Behavior Wellness Center, Juliet will assist the veterinary behaviorists during the initial assessment. She will determine what behavior modification work needs to be provided, and make sure the patient and client are comfortable with that behavior modification. This may involve one-on-one sessions or group classes.


Juliet comes to ABWC from primarily a dog training and behavior modification background. She has experience leading group classes like basic manners and group classes for behavior modification using classical and operant conditioning as part of desensitization and counter conditioning. Intellectual curiosity drives Juliet, and she fosters curiosity in others, from dogs to dog owners. There are so many benefits from wondering why your dog responds the way they do. Best to approach behavior modification from the stand point of, I wonder what will happen if I change this environmental factor. Of course, we have the knowledge of what other dogs and handlers have done when similar changes happen, but every dog is a case study of one (says Susan Friedman). Consistent with environmental effects on behavior, Juliet likes to emphasize context cues: what is the world around your dog saying to your dog? What is your body language saying to your dog? And most importantly, what is your dog saying to you? Juliet believes that training is the key to establishing that communication pipeline. Her current spark is to add to the wealth of knowledge regarding evidence-based training. What works and what doesn’t?


In addition to being a Vet Assistant and Behavior Consultant with ABWC, Juliet is a lead trainer and behavior consultant with Fur-Get Me Not located in Arlington, VA.


In her free time, Juliet likes to hike the Potomac Heritage Trail with her dog Millie Lou. Hiking is a distant second to alpine skiing for her.

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