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Schrodinger and Fibonacci

"Dinger" & "Nacho"

Office Manager and Assistant-to-the-Office-Manager

The team always knew they would have a "hospital cat." Unfortunately, Dr. Pike is horribly allergic to cat dander! For this reason, when the Fairfax clinic was opened up, she contacted a Devon Rex breeder. Originally planning to get a kitten, the breeder said she had two young adult sisters that needed to be placed together. Turns our one of them has separation anxiety from the other. Knowing it wouldn't be right if we didn't have hospital cats without behavior problems, they were brought right in. Nacho and Dinger made themselves right at home. They have their fair share of medical issues too: chronic eye issues and dirty ears. Thankfully, the team at ABWC are helping out with that too!


Their Special Interests:

  • Greeting clients when they are checking out

  • Putting their heads in your coffee cup

  • Bunting and crawling all over your face and chest

  • Being adorable

"Ding," "Ding-ding," "Doodle Ding"
What do you call a cat that's not your own?
"Nach-o cat!"

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