New Patients

Welcome weary traveler~

Our team offers a variety of services for pet owners, rescue organizations, and our fellow veterinary professionals. Before we get started on the details, let us learn a little more about you. Please read the options below and then select the one that best fits what bring you to us. 

I'm a pet owner experiencing a serious behavior problem. 

I'm a pet owner

that needs to learn more about training my pet.

I'm a pet owner

that just has minor questions about my pet's care.

I'm a pet owner who's pet's consultation is being sponsored. 

I'm in rescue

needing help with a pet in my care.

I'm a professional

looking for help with

my own pet. 

Fairfax Campus
11230 Waples Mill Rd. Suite 125A
Fairfax, VA 22030
T) 1-888-438-0788, ext 1
F) 703-783-8807
Richmond Campus
1130 Wilkinson Rd. 
Richmond, VA 23227
T) 1-888-438-0788, ext 2
F) 703-783-8807

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