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Richmond Campus
Comprehensive Behavior Assessments for New Patients

Animal Behavior Wellness Center is dedicated to the wellness of your entire family. We provide treatment roadmaps to behavioral wellness customized to address your unique concerns, and designed to improve the quality of your lives. We are dedicated to modern, science-based intervention, and committed to success without the use of pain, force, fear, or intimidation.

Treatment of behavior issues is a long-term commitment, however our hope is for you to emerge from each stop along your journey with additional resources, tools, and an evolving plan to further guide you down the path to behavioral wellness.

Comprehensive Behavior Assessment Scheduling

Thank you for choosing Animal Behavior Wellness Center's Comprehensive Behavior Assessment. The first stop on the path to behavioral wellness is completing your pet's behavioral and health history forms. These questionnaires are designed to collect the important information we need to understand the "big picture" of your pet's world - their environment, relationships, and routine. We also request your observations, concerns, and goals for treatment. Please take your time completing these carefully curated online forms, as they are essential to understanding the many facets of your pet's unique life experience and your unique challenges.

Select the appropriate species-specific button below to get started. Upon receipt of your completed online forms, you will be emailed a link to schedule your intake appointment. Begin your journey today!

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