Rescue and Shelter Animals

At the Animal Behavior Wellness Center of Fairfax, VA, our team feels it is our responsibility to aid our local rescues and shelters provide the best behavioral services. We want to empty our shelters and get pets in homes where they can live out their lives and thrive. With our team of veterinarians, nurses, and trainers, know that the animals in your care will receive the most up to date, scientific, and compassionate help possible. 



Getting Started: 

Before we can meet with any of the pets in your care, we will need to register  your organization in our system. Please download and complete the following forms. When done, email them to us at to set up your account. 

Registration Form

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Consent Form

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​In order to meet the needs of our community, we have a variety of resources available to aid your pets. 

Assessment with the veterinarian:

  • This assessment combines the care of our support staff with the expertise of our veterinarians. Your session will be completed in person at our Fairfax clinic.

  • First, you will meet your case manager. This is a nurse or trainer who will obtain the full behavioral and medical history of your pet.

  • Next, the doctor will come speak with you about any medical needs of the pet and prescribe medication as needed.

  • The case manager will then finish up discussing management strategies, training techniques, and other changes in order to set up your pet for success.

  • This assessment type is considered the gold standard and allows us to provide all resources needed for your pet to succeed.

  • All recommendations will be written, and a full report emailed to the rescue and fosters.


Assessment with the nurse:

  • This assessment is conducted by our boarded behavior nurse. They can be completed remotely or in office.

  • The nurse will go through your history, provide recommendations for management and training.

  • If medication seems warranted, she will work with the pet’s current veterinarian and our doctors here to formulate the best course of action.

  • This assessment type would be best for organizations that have an attending veterinarian but need more behavior guidance.

  • All recommendations will be written, and a full report emailed to the rescue and fosters.

    • Learn more about our boarded behavior nurse here. ​

Abbreviated phone consultation:

  • This is a 30-minute phone call conducted with one of our nurses or trainers.

  • There are no follow up resources or reports for this type of appointment.

  • This session is best for those organizations that have quick questions or would like more guidance on what type of treatment to pursue.

Canine Consult Form

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Scheduling for a Specific Patient

If you would like to pet to meet with the veterinarian or nurse, please complete the following consultation form. This should be filled in by the person who spends the most time with the pet: the foster, shelter worker, volunteer, etc. Please note this is not the form that is used for "owned" pets. This is specially formatted for pets in rescue or shelters only. Once our team has received the rescue's registration, release forms, and the foster's consult form, our Rescue Coordinator will reach out to schedule directly with the indicated point of contact. 



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