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 Megan Housby, LVT

Megan Housby, LVT

Veterinary Nurse

Special Interests:

  • Training cooperative care behaviors. 

  • Mental enrichment programs

  • Caring for and treating pets with cognitive decline

Her Pets: 

  • Grady - Australian Cattle Dog/Shepherd Mix

  • Anton - Anatolian Shepherd

Megan has been a lover of animals all of her life and helped her parents do wildlife rehabilitation while growing up. She began her career as a zookeeper where she enjoyed enriching various zoo animals and training them on husbandry and medical handling skills. Megan became a veterinary technician when she realized it was more compatible with her husband's active duty military career. While moving around with the Army, she continued to educate her clients on behavior, training, and enrichment.

Megan is the head nurse and trainer at our Richmond office. She lives with her husband, Tony, their dogs Grady and Anton, and their cat May. In her free time she enjoys hiking with her dogs, horticulture, and rehabbing wildlife.

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