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It's not always about the puppies and kittens..

In the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones, Arya Stark trains with the Braavosi master-sword fighter, Syrio Forel. He claims the only true God is Death.

There is only one thing you say to death:

“Not today.”

Unfortunately, for many of the families we help, sometimes today is the day.

Death always wins the fight in the end...

I spent some time this afternoon doing some grief counseling with a client who needed to euthanize her dog last week. She is an extraordinarily kind, compassionate, and sensitive woman. To the very end, she was completely selfless and wanted to do everything she possibly could to help her dog. Ultimately, she made the right decision. Her poor dog was miserable, and his behavior was deteriorating quickly.

Talking about death and behavioral euthanasia is not something anyone really “likes” to talk about. I don’t really feel qualified to help someone through that process. Working in this specialty it tends to just fall in your lap. After doing it so many times, I’ve started noticing a pattern. Below are the certain things I want all my clients to remember:

  • Quality of life is imperative. Quality over quantity. Don’t be locked in that abusive relationship with your pet. If you’re miserable, your pet is probably miserable too.