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Monday Musings, #1

Monday Musings: Welcome to a new weekly FB post by Dr Pike (gonna try and be good about doing it every Monday!).

Today's musing is brought to you by the walking trail behind my house. Given that our property sits along a very nice, and very busy, walking trail, I see all kinds of dogs and their people go by on a daily basis. And given that I own a mini schnauzer who likes to scream at dogs and people as they go by (it's a literal scream for those of you that have never heard a schnauzer sing to you the song of his people), let's talk about being good citizens and helping other dog owners cope with their dogs behavior problems.

If you see a dog that is reactive (barking, lunging, snarling, snapping, etc) or just overly excited and worked up (picture Scooby Pike screaming), try crossing the street or moving off the trail and giving that owner more distance to be better able to manage and train with their dog. Heck, even if the dog isn't reactive or exuberant, lets give each other space in which to safely walk our dogs. Walk by each other swiftly and do not let the dogs meet on leash because you just never know how their dog (or yours!) Might react in an on-leash greeting which can be fraught with trouble in general. Or, for example, if you walk on a trail and there is a dog in a yard screaming his ever loving head off, don't stop and stare, or, even worse, allow your dog to approach the fence-line and sniff the other dog! Simply keep walking by so that the owner of said dog can more readily call their dog inside and away from the fence-line like they have trained to do! Helping others more easily manage and modify their dog's behavior is the kind, neighborly, dog friendly thing to do.