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Clicker Training Walter

As a behavior nurse, clicker trainer, and parent to two small boys, I often get the question:

"Have you ever clicker trained your kids?"

The answer, of course, is "yes." Why wouldn't I? No, I don't typically use a clicker as part of by "kid training," but I still use the same principles. I reward good behavior and decisions, guide and instruct as needed, and decrease criteria if its too challenging. If my learner behaves inappropriately or in an unwanted way, I:

  1. Give them a break

  2. Try to redirect to a more appropriate response or

  3. Ignore it.

Sounds familiar, right?

Well, it's no mystery that raising kids is very similar to raising any other "animal." For fun though, I bring you some video of my youngest boy's first actual clicker training session.


If you want to learn more about "human based clicker training," check out TAGteach. World class athletes, surgeons, and yes, school age children, are all benefiting from this objective, positive reinforcement based learning style.