Puppy Socialization Class

Classes start January 17th in Fairfax!

What is socialization?

Socialization is the process by which young animals explore their environment and learn what is normal in their world. This sensitive period in our puppies' development occurs between 3 and 14 weeks of age. Anything the puppy is not exposed to during this time can induce fear, anxiety, and hyper arousal as an adult. 

Why is it important?

A Puppy Socialization Class is the single most important aspect of raising a happy, well-balanced adult dog. It is like "vaccinating" for behavioral problems! Dogs who miss out on positive socialization during this key time often grow up to be fearful, anxious, and are predisposed to developing aggression later in life.

What will we learn?

Puppy Socialization Classes cover a variety of important lessons for puppies and their families:

  • Interact with and negotiate around novel stimuli

  • Tolerate handling and medicating

  • Play with other puppies and people

  • Comfort with a variety of surfaces, locations, and smells

  • Families learn about raising puppies successfully through discussions of house training, nutrition, play, social interactions, loose leash walks, and so much more!

Class requirements: 

  • Starting age: 8 - 16 weeks old

  • First distemper vaccination

  • Bordetella vaccination

  • Free of external parasites

Class Structure: 

  • Lead instructor: Christine Michaud

  • No more than 8 puppies per class. 

  • Weekly sessions for a total of 6 classes. ​

  • 45 minutes long

    • Includes play time, learning time, and exploring time.​

  • Free Adaptil Junior collar for all puppies.

  • Rolling enrollment, so never wait weeks for a class!

  • Fee: $195.00​​

Ready to get started? 

Fairfax Location:

11230 Waples Mill Rd. Suite 125A

Fairfax, VA 22030

T) 888-438-0788   

F) 703-783-8807

E) info@abwellnesscenter.com

Richmond Location:

New location coming soon!!

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F) 703-783-8807

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