Lindsay McKeon

Trainer Assistant

Special Interests:

  • Helping puppies and their humans adjust to a new life together.

  • Observing and assisting trainers to gather more knowledge and experience.


  • Pumbaa – Basenji shepherd mix

Lindsay was born and raised in New Jersey. She graduated from Montclair State University with a B.S. in Health and Physical Education. Lindsay spent 12 years teaching overseas in 6 countries, but always found a way to connect with animals through pet sitting, safari trips, visiting elephant sanctuaries, and volunteering at shelters. Lindsay met her spouse while overseas and they enjoyed rescuing dogs together. Her current dog, Pumbaa, is from Burundi and the reason Lindsay is pursuing a career as a dog trainer. She is currently enrolled in The Academy for Dog Trainers and plans to graduate by the end of 2021.

Lindsay recently had a baby and enjoys helping Pumbaa feel good about this new human in his life. She enjoys staying active by taking her son and Pumbaa on walkies together and visiting various parks for play and sniffaris.