Christine Michaud, CTC, CPDT-KA, PMCT

Senior Trainer

Special Interests:

  • Prevention and early intervention to help puppies and their people get off to the best start possible.

  • Working with families and children to set up and maintain safe, fun and healthy interactions for everyone.

  • Teaching about dog body language and helping people build better relationships with their pets through mutual cooperation, trust and communication.

Her Pets:

  • Gemma - Husky mix

  • Ms.Kitty - Domestic short-hair (although she doesn’t consider herself to be domesticated AT ALL)

Christine has enjoyed living with dogs and cats most of her life, and got bitten by the training bug when she adopted a dog from a local rescue in 2009, which drove her to pursue an education in the science of animal learning and behavior modification. In 2014, she opened a private dog training and behavior consulting business in Fairfax, Virginia which she successfully ran until joining the Animal Behavior Wellness Center team in 2019.

Christine’s professional passions include working with families to teach appropriate interactions between kids and pets; early socialization programs for puppies and helping new puppy parents navigate the challenges of life with a puppy; working with dogs who are fearful and/or showing aggressive behaviors; helping dogs feel less stressed about going to the vet; and helping families experience the joy of learning alongside their dogs and puppies.  Most recently she has developed an interest in cat welfare and behavior and hopes to do more work with feline guardians to improve the life and welfare of cats at home and at the vet. Her philosophy is that training isn’t something we do to our dogs, but rather something we do with our dogs, in a mutually cooperative manner.

Christine is married and has 2 ‘kids’ in college. She also shares her home with her husky mix and a sweet Kitty.  In her free time she loves being outdoors and especially loves hiking in the mountains.