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Geornyce Gorham

Veterinary Behavior Assistant

Special Interests:

  • Using non-verbal and verbal language to communicate between those of the same and different species

  • Therapeutic measures for common and uncommon behaviors throughout their development

  • Sharing and receiving resources

  • Potential to achieve well-being in all ages and stages


  • None, but currently on the look out for a special doggy.

With the exception of going to Bloomfield College in New Jersey, Geornyce has spent most of her life in Northern Virginia. While the art field will always hold significance, observing animal interactions and movements has always been fascinating, as well. Starting out as a kennel assistant, she gained experience by working at several veterinary clinics and eventually earned the title of technician. Since 2013, she has been a volunteer with the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, focused primarily on the “small mammals” and “cats” departments. At ABWC, she is in pursuit of education, mentorship and training credentials – applying her experience to new and challenging endeavors in behavioral wellness . 

When not working, GG enjoys listening to podcasts, watching various shows/ movies, reading, and drawing.

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