As the home to a Boarded Veterinary Behaviorist, our team is dedicated to using science based, professionally tested medicine, behavior modification, and communication techniques, in order to bring back and maintain strength in the human-animal bond.


            What do we do? 

"Behavior" is a relatively new field in veterinary medicine. Even though doctors have only recently started paying attention to the mental and emotional well-being of animals, it has been huge part of the profession since the beginning. When an animal is sick, the first thing anyone will notice is their change in behavior. Does your cat have a urinary tract infection? You know because she starts urinating outside the litter box: a change in behavior. The more we dive into this specialty, the more we realize what we've been missing all this time. Pain, for example, is often the driving force behind sudden aggression.

As a team of veterinary behavior professionals, we take a truly holisitic approach. While most people tend to think our focus is just on "drugging" our patients, we need to look at the big picture. Determine if the pet is physically healthy, what does their household look like, are all of the animal's enrichment needs being met, does the animal know what is expected? These are all questions we strive to answer and only then determine if we need to treat an underlying behavior disorder. 

At the Animal Behavior Wellness Center, we provide a variety services to both clients and professionals. Whether you have a fresh new puppy or a cat suffering from anxiety or even a professional wanting to brush up on some new techniques, you have come to the right place. We’re here to provide resources for all of your behavioral needs.  

September 9, 2019

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New Workshops Available!

  • 12/4 - Prepping Pets for Baby

  • 1/11 & 18 - Handling Workshop

  • 1/19 - Intro. to Psychotropics

  • 2/1 - Talking to Clients

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