As the home to a Boarded Veterinary Behaviorist, our team is dedicated to using science based, professionally tested medicine, behavior modification, and communication techniques, in order to bring back and maintain strength in the human-animal bond.


            What do we do? 

"Behavior" is a relatively new field in veterinary medicine. At its core, our discipline focuses on assessing undesired or abnormal behaviors in companion animals, determining their underlying motivation, and creating a plan to change it. Ultimately, our team’s goal is to make pets happy, comfortable, and confident. This will result in a better relationship with the family and ensure everyone’s quality of life.


As a team of veterinary behavior professionals, we take a truly holistic approach. We determine if the pet is physically healthy, have appropriate structure and predictability, adequate enrichment, and truly understands what is expected of them. Only then do we determine if there is an underlying behavior disorder that needs medical intervention.​

For many of our patients, behavior therapy is a life-long process. It is not realistic to expect immediate change. We wish we could make guarantees for our patients, but there are too many variables that go into “success.” We do, however, guarantee that we will be with you every step of the way. You will receive all the tools we have at hand, support for those difficult times, and coaching to keep you moving towards your goals.   

While the majority of our patients are dogs, we also enjoy working with our feline friends, rabbits, ferrets, pigs, and birds. Any critter that can walk into our door can benefit from our care. 



3-26-2020      Jessey Scheip

In order to continue providing support and training to the families in our care, we have put together a variety of workshops and classes that will be conducted via Zoom. Please see our classes page for more details and registration information. 



3-17-2020      Amy Pike

Starting March 18th, our team will no longer be seeing patients in clinic. With VA instating a Social Distancing Protocol, most of us will be working from our homes. Video conference appointments are available for those that cannot wait until after the quarantine period. 

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