Returning Patients - Fairfax Campus

Follow up is an integral part of behavior therapy. For many of our families, helping their pets live normal lives will be a long term endeavor. Similar to human medicine, there may need to be several adjustments as we work through your behavior wellness journey. 

After each visit, your provider will send you a list of discussion topics, resources, and homework to complete before your next session. Ensure you discuss these new techniques with everyone that interacts with your pet on a regular basis. Structure and predictability is key to a healthy home life. 

The next steps will be outlined in your notes, but you are welcome to use the links here to set up your next sessions. 

Initial Medication Management - with a Nurse

When treating behavior problems, many of our patients require the use of anti-anxiety products and medications. The goal of these products is to reduce stress enough so that learning can happen. Before we focus on intensive behavior modification and desensitization/counter conditioning techniques, we ensure your pet's stress is properly managed. Use this link to schedule your initial management appointment with a nurse. 


Behavior Therapy - with a Trainer

Once your pet has reached a point where learning can happen and behavior modification can begin, you're ready to meet one of our behavior therapists. Each member of our team is uniquely qualified to help you and your pet, drawing from various specialties, backgrounds and interests. Your veterinarian likely recommended a specific trainer, but if you would like more information, please take a moment to meet the team and schedule below.

Behavior Therapy



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