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Richmond Services and Pricing

Comprehensive Behavior Assessment Pricing*

Behavior Counseling Intake Phone Call
Behavior Therapist
Your opportunity for immediate assistance, advice, perspective, and compassion regarding your pet's behavioral concerns.
45 min
Body Language Primer Video
Behavior Therapist
This primer explores how our pets communicate with each other, and with us. Become an empowered and effective communicator. Identify and avoid aggressive behavior stemming from fear and anxiety.
30 min
included with intake
Initial Veterinary Behavior Assessment
Veterinary Behaviorist/Resident
Discuss your concerns with the doctor, review your pet's medical and behavioral history, identify causes, obtain a diagnosis, prognosis, and resources to proceed into the next phase of treatment.
45 min

Additional Services Pricing*

Veterinary Medication Management
Veterinary Behaviorist/Resident
Ongoing medication and treatment support. As your pet continues their behavioral wellness journey, we adjust treatment and provide the resources to meet their (and your) evolving needs.
30 min
Behavior Therapy & Training
Behavior Therapist
Together, we will identify your goals for success, develop a customized plan best suited for your pet's behavioral challenges, and work toward teaching you and your pet to be successful in your unique environment.
30 to 90 min
$95 to $195

*All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed.

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