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Comprehensive Pain Assessments

In order to comprehensively diagnose and treat behavior problems, we must examine the big picture. We must seek the unseen. Could underlying medical components be contributing to new or worsening behaviors?


Pain and behavior are intimately interconnected. When a pet is painful, their behavior may be directly impacted. Unfortunately, our best friends cannot tell us when they're hurting. It is our job as behavior professionals to determine if and when pain is a factor. Only then can we develop and implement truly comprehensive treatment plans.

Dr. Megan Buchanan's Comprehensive Pain Assessments include an overall visual and/or physical exam, gait analysis, and a state-of-the-art Digatherm® thermal imaging scan.

Fast, non-invasive thermal screenings provide valuable information about your pet’s wellness that can’t be obtained by other means.

• non-invasive

• quickly detect unseen pain 

• treat hidden conditions earlier 

• improve treatment outcomes 

• help your pet feel their best 


Get a Picture
   of Your Pet's Wellness


Standard imaging shows no sign of pain or disease

Thermal imaging leads to detection of disease symptoms such as arthritis.

What is thermal imaging?

Digital Thermal Imaging measures the radiated electromagnetic energy (heat signature) coming from your pet. The heat signature is a new, non-invasive way to “see” what areas on your pet’s body might benefit from further evaluation.

Our veterinary-specific Digatherm® system provides precise, high resolution images measuring over 320,000 points of temperature. 


Differences in radiated energy can indicate problems in your pet’s body. Hotter areas depict increases in circulation. Cooler areas show decreases in circulation. These changes can assist in locating pain, and early detection of other medical concerns.

How does my pet get screened?

Digatherm® technology is perfect for pets who struggle with veterinary handling, and can assist with the detection of heat signatures indicative of pain resulting from​

• musculoskeletal disorders

• inflammation

• circulatory disorders

• muscle atrophy, weakness, numbness 

• soft tissue irritation resulting from injury

Your pet will stand in a comfortable position while Dr. Buchanan quickly captures thermal images from different angles to visualize your pet’s entire body. 

Image capture is quiet, making it an excellent wellness screening tool for pets with anxiety. No fur clipping is needed for accurate screening. 

Contact us to book your pet's comprehensive pain assessment today!


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 Assessment Today

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