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Continuing Education


Transforming Stress, Building Resilience               $45.00 per person

      ~ Jeannine Moga, MSW, LCSW                        

Stress management is a hot topic – and it is particularly important as all of us work through the ‘upside down’ reality that is life and work during a pandemic. So what do we need to know, remember and DO to maintain our wellbeing in difficult times?


Recent research in neuropsychology shows us how to transform overwhelm, fear, and exhaustion into focus, confidence, and strength.  In this workshop, we will integrate this research with the latest data on veterinary well-being to create real-time, personalized plans for building resilience, both at work and at home.  Because well-being is also a management responsibility, organizational strategies for supporting individual and team well-being – both during crises and beyond -- will also be presented.    

Workshop Objectives:

  1. To review the causes and impact of chronic occupational stress on veterinary practitioners;

  2. To explain the neurobiology of chronic stress and stress-related syndromes;

  3. To review evidence-based methods for protecting cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual health; and

  4. To introduce pragmatic, real-time tools that practitioners (and practices!) can use to cultivate stress resilience.

  • May 2, 2020 at 1:00pm

  • 3 Hours of RACE

  • Conducted via Zoom

Jeannine Moga, MSW, LCSW is a veterinary social work clinician and practice consultant with 15 years of experience working in the trenches with veterinary teams and clients. While her clinical practice focuses on grief and loss, mood disorders, and stress-related syndromes in animal care professionals, her teaching involves a wide variety of topics related to human-animal issues in both academic and community settings. Jeannine serves as Chief Happiness Officer for VETgirl, is adjunct faculty at NC State University, and maintains a clinical practice in Southeast Virginia.

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