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– The Center for Canine Behavior Studies

– For expecting and new families with dogs, babies, & toddlers.

– Educational videos

 Colleen Pelar

– Dogs and children safety and education.

– Learning to Live Happily Ever After with Madeline Gabriel

– Helping parents, kids, and dogs, live safely and happily together.

– The Family Dog®

  • Doggone Safe

– Dog bite prevention for parents.

– Animal Behavior Wellness Center with Christine Michaud

– Animal Behavior Wellness Center with Christine Michaud


  • Ensure children are properly supervised during all interactions with your pet.

  • Teach children how to interact appropriately with your pet.

  • Even from an early age, children can be taught how to be gentle and quiet with animals.


– The Family Dog® Bite Prevention video for kids!

– book by Dr. Emily Levine

– board book by Elizabeth Verdick

– book by Rain Jordan

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