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Scent Swapping

Only begin these steps under the guidance of your ABWC trainer:

Create a common scent profile:

  • Use a soft blanket and rub the first cat with it. Focus primarily along the cheeks and base of the tail where scent glands are concentrated.

  • Repeat with the second cat as described above, then finish with the first cat again.

  • Repeat the same process but use the second cat as the first scent on the blanket.

Twice daily, feed high value food on either side of a french door or baby gate.

  • The distance should be such that both cats are able to eat, but are aware the other is present.

  • Over time, gradually decrease the distance until they are right next to each other, but remain separated by a physical barrier.

  • Our goal is for the barrier to eventually be removed.

Help the cats remotely play with each other under the door using specific toys with multiple attachments.

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