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Storms and/or Fireworks

Create a safe place for your pet to hide when they are frightened.

Do not attempt to drag a pet out of their chosen safe place as they may panic and become aggressive.

If the pet is liable to hurt itself in the chosen location, use a high value reward to lure them to a better spot.

If prescribed, administer your pet's situational anti-anxiety medication 60-90 minutes before you anticipate the noises to begin.

Sileo can be given at the first sign of distress and still be effective.

Block access to audible triggers in your pet's environment:

Hearing protection:

An ABWC trainer can help desensitize and counter-condition your pet to wearing hearing protection

Read this excellent article on sound masking: Sound Masking to Help Dogs with a Noise Phobia - Whole Dog Journal Eileen Anderson, MM, MS

If your dog is ok with handling, utilize a ThunderShirt® (Note: we do not recommend ThunderShirts® for cats)

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