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Phone Consultations for Prospective Clients

Meeting with a Veterinary Behaviorist can be daunting. You likely need to wait several weeks to be seen, it is expensive, time consuming, and emotionally taxing, at times. For these reasons, we offer Phone Consultations with certified behavior professionals. These appointments are designed for non-clients and soon-to-be-clients that can benefit from...


Courtney, Christine, and Kayla

  • immediate help to implement "damage control" until your pet can be assessed by a doctor.

  • perspective on the treatability of your pet's condition. Maybe you're unsure if ABWC can help. 

  • the opportunity to pick a professional's brain. Maybe you have a new puppy and want to ensure you're on the right track. We can help! 

  • a compassionate ear to listen to your challenges, a friendly voice to discuss and evaluate your unique situation, the gentle guidance of a certified professional to provide non-judgmental feedback and develop points of action.

These appointments require no paperwork, no obligations, no strings attached - just the opportunity to speak with a behavior professional about your pet's behavioral concerns.

Please note: Phone Consultation appointments are NOT intended to address any medication questions.

In order to match you with a professional best-suited to address your needs, please choose from the following, customized appointment options:

Image by Luigi Estuye, LUCREATIVE®
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