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Behavior Modification

The Click is a Promise.
- Karen Pryor

Animal Behavior Wellness Center focuses on the use of positive reinforcement as the primary consequence when teaching new behaviors. At no time do we condone the use of punishment, correction, or aversive training techniques. The definition of punishment is anything that stops a behavior from occurring and/or decreases the chances of it being repeated in the future. Punishment based training techniques increase fear, anxiety, and arousal. It can also put the user at risk for being the target of aggression.

Discontinue use of all punishment and aversive training devices, including penny cans, scruffing, water bottles, squirt guns, chain bags, verbal scolding, spanking, and swatting. Why Punishment Fails

What is Behavior Modification?

  • Specialized training techniques employed to teach your pet how you do want them to behave in these difficult situations.

When do you start?

  • For many of our patients, they will not be prepared for true behavior modification for several weeks.

What can I do in the meantime?

Introduction to Marker Training

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