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What's in a number?

The prognosis is a subjective measurement of how successful your doctor expects your pet to be at this moment in time. The prognosis is based on research and your doctor's clinical experience. The number represents how the patient appears today. The prognosis can change over time. The hope is that this number goes up throughout the course of therapy. At each doctor recheck, we will re-assess your pet's prognosis.

Prognosis is based on your family's composition, the environment in which the pet lives, the observations and description of the presenting behavior, as well as the physical characteristics of this specific animal at this moment in time.

Unfortunately, there are inherent risks to living with an aggressive pet. Although management is key to avoiding dangerous situations and mitigating this risk, even the best management can fail.

It is important to remember that we do not cure aggression; we manage it and attempt to alleviate the underlying emotions of fear and anxiety that motivate the aggression. If you cannot live with any risk of further aggression, you cannot live with this pet.

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