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Lily Hargis, KPA-CTP

Lily Hargis, KPA-CTP

Behavior Therapist

Special Interests:

  • Incorporating breed-specific enrichment activities

  • Understanding and treating separation anxiety

  • Supporting and empowering both ends of the leash!

Their Pets:

  • Milo - Lab/Aussie mix

When Lily was seven they staged a strike, refusing to clean their bedroom until they were allowed to get a pet snake or rat (the strike was unsuccessful). Their house has hosted a revolving door of class pets, from hamsters to monarch butterflies, frogs, toads, chicks, and finches.

Lily received their BFA from Boston University, and spent the past four years working at VCU’s Medical School, teaching medical professionals about bedside manner and empathy. Upon adopting their rescue dog (Milo), Lily had the push they needed to rejoin the animal world. Since then they have apprenticed with Gabrielle Johnson of Best Life Dog Services, and is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner.

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