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for kittens 8 to 14 weeks old

Kitten Head Start


Coming Soon!

6 weekly sessions

45 minutes


Open Enrollment



This class is limited to 4 kittens and their people.

Kitten Head Start is an imperative foundation to help support your kitten through their development and manage commonly unwanted kitty behaviors. Make the most of this critical time in development to increase resilience, improve communication and build positive relationships. Guided by our certified trainers, learn techniques to prevent and manage unwanted behavior, prepare for life experiences, and foster a trusting lifelong bond with your kitten.

Our class is designed to provide comprehensive guidance intended to foster the development of a happy, confident and well-adjusted cat, while preventing behavior issues before they start! We are excited to support and guide you on this journey with your new kitten!



  • Prevention of play biting, scratching, and litter box avoidance

  • Enrichment & environmental recommendations for a happy, healthy cat

  • Handling for vet, grooming and nail care

  • Carrier conditioning

  • Variety of novel experiences to build confidence

  • Gentle exposure to sounds

  • Cues for redirecting and providing treatment

  • Kitten play! 

Your Instructors:

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