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for puppies 12 weeks to 10 months old

Puppy 201


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6 weekly sessions

1 hour


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Session 1 is virtual and will include orientation and foundations. Subsequent sessions are In-person.

Class is limited to 4 puppies and their people.

This class is part of our puppy package and designed to develop the skills needed to propel your fur-babies into adulthood. Guided by our certified trainers, learn to build upon your pup's foundation skills, apply those skills in practical, real life scenarios, and increase your pup's ability to calmly and confidently interact with the world.

We provide you with the framework to establish clear and confident communication. We're so excited to support and guide you through the many stages of puppy parenthood, and beyond!


  • Offered focus and leash walking skills

  • Calm on a mat basics

  • Come when called

  • Polite greetings

  • Introduction to muzzle training

  • Management of high arousal events such as doorways and arrivals

Your Instructors:

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