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Courtney Moyer, CPDT-KA, LCSW

Behavior Therapist

Special Interests: 

  • Helping extremely fearful and “shut down” dogs learn to come out of their shell.

  • Teaching families handling techniques for their reactive dogs.

  • Working with rescues and fosters to help find their optimal forever homes.

Her Pets:

  • Dolly - Bloodhound/Red Tick Coonhound

Courtney was born and raised near Philadelphia, PA. She graduated from Columbia University with an Masters Degree in Social Work. After years of working with human children and their families, Courtney developed an interest in working with animals while fostering a number of dogs for a rescue in Washington, DC. She then pursued an apprenticeship program with a local training company and became a certified trainer in 2018. Courtney's experience allows her to bring an understanding, client-centered approach to helping people work with their pets. She has a special interest in working with fearful and reactive dogs, as well as helping newly adopted or foster dogs settle into their new families.

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