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Teryn Blais

Multimedia & Marketing Manager

Special Interests:

  • Violence prevention and intervention through humane education in the classroom and community

  • Animal-assisted rehabilitation and therapy 


  • Heidi Klum - English Mastiff

  • Princess Fiona - English Mastiff

  • Gronk! - Pug

  • VinDi - Pug

Teryn grew up in Western Massachusetts with a passion for animals, conservation, and creativity. As a young girl without a dog, she dreamed of having a Doberman duo of her very own, just like Zeus & Apollo.

In addition to a BA in English and a BFA in Graphic Design, Teryn has been training dogs for over 19 years. As former Director of Graphic Operations for an international environmental design firm, she worked for some of the biggest brands in the world. But, she missed the joy of educating and promoting deeply meaningful human-animal relationships. She has returned to the field and joined ABWC to focus all of her energy and passion toward the care and well-being of pets and their humans.

Teryn is a staunch proponent of humane education and principals that nurture compassion and respect for all living beings. Today, she's combining her graphic design and marketing background, with her passion for humane education and animal welfare. She's determined to help grow the ABWC brand and propel the movement of science-based, force-free animal intervention and education to the forefront of modern pet culture.

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