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Luke Hollenbeck, CCBC, KPA-CTP

Behavior Therapist

Special Interests:

  • The promotion of animal rights and welfare

  • Animal rescue

  • Feline behavior and veterinary medicine


  • Daoloth – Tabby DLH Cat

  • Walden – Blue DLH Cat

  • Lakota – Australian Shepherd Mix (deaf)

  • Annie – Brittany Spaniel Mix (blind)

  • Lydia – Australian Shepard Mix (blind & deaf)

  • Atarah - Collie (blind & deaf)

Luke started his career working with animals at a general practice veterinary clinic shortly after high school graduation. It didn’t take long for him to recognize the great struggle so many animals endure in their daily lives, which ignited a passion to advocate for animals by any means possible. What started as a part time job walking and feeding dogs, soon became a lifelong journey toward caring for all animals in need.

Luke has a special place in his heart for animals in rescue and shelter environments. Observing the behavioral challenges of these refugee animals is what led him to join the ABWC team.

Luke has also never met a cat that he didn’t love, and thrives working with cats and their caregivers through behavior challenges. In his free time, Luke enjoys cooking vegan food, listening to shoegaze music, and watching movies.

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