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Amanda Nguyen

Client Services Supervisor

Special Interests: 

  • Overlap of behavior and medical problems.

  • Exploring the human and animal communication and bonding techniques.

  • Compassionately providing support for our families

Her Pets: 

  • Superman - Pug

From an early age, Amanda has always been drawn towards animals and grew up in a house full of turtles, birds, fish, ferrets, and dogs. She attended VCU where she studied science and psychology and after graduating, moved to Los Angeles where she learned about pet nutrition while working at a holistic pet shop. After living in LA for 5 years, she moved back to Fairfax, VA to start her lettering business while also fostering strays and dog sitting. Her love for animals and fascination for behavioral psychology has led her to join the ABWC team in hopes to merge her understanding of both worlds into one.

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