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Julianna Hazera

Pharmacy Technician

Special Interests:

  • Behavior research of exotic pets and its application in their enrichment and welfare

  • Conservation behavior and its ties to sustainable development

  • Animal welfare and conservation ethics


  • Espresso – Holland lop rabbit

  • Daisy – Maltese

As long as she can remember, Julianna has been captivated by the animal world. As a child, she was fascinated by the unique beauty that each creature held and decided to make it her mission to someday help their cause. She spent almost every waking moment of her childhood consuming every book she could possibly find in hopes that she could prepare herself for a career in a related field. That same passion has burned well into her adult years. In 2016, she finally had the opportunity to pursue her dream and began working with dogs at a local daycare while starting her undergraduate studies. Since then, Julianna’s career with animals has taken her down several twists and turns, including working as a kennel technician with a local rescue organization and as a veterinary assistant with a mobile clinic. 

While she has always been interested in behavior, Julianna realized her true passion for exotics and wildlife behavior after she interned at a wildlife rehabilitation center specializing in corvids and became the proud owner of two precious holland lop bunnies. Even though she has since moved on to other projects, and both of her bunnies have since crossed the rainbow bridge, her love for both species has made her a passionate advocate for their proper care and well-being. 

Her journey brought her to ABWC in 2022 when she joined the team as a client care coordinator, but she has since found her footing in her current role as ABWC’s resident pharmacy technician. Outside of her role at ABWC, Julianna is continuing to further her career by completing her Bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology at Arizona State University and conducting research as an intern with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. After completing her studies, she plans to pursue a career researching conservation behavior or sustainable policy development abroad. When not chasing her goals, Julianna enjoys spending her time doing yoga, playing guitar, and spoiling her mischievously adorable two-year-old Holland lop rescue, Espresso.

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