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Foster Confidence & Resilience

Cultivating Courage



5 weekly sessions

60 minutes


Open Enrollment


Does your dog… 

  • Hesitate when visiting unfamiliar locations or taking walks outdoors?

  • Cower or shy away when experiencing anything new?

  • Take a long time to warm up in new environments?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, check out our Cultivating Courage class!

This class uses targeted games and activities to cultivate courage and confidence in shy, fearful dogs.

Learn how to support your dog when they're feeling anxious, build trust, and help your dog gain confidence.

This 5-week course will be completed in-person at our Fairfax Campus and is limited to 4 canine candidates. The first week will be an orientation class for humans only - (dogs get the day off :) The remaining 4 weeks will be in-person, with dogs present.

Open enrollment.


Your Instructors :

Courtney Moyer, CPDT-KA, LCSW, and Christine Michaud, CTC, CPDT-KA, PMCT

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