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Training Both Ends of the Leash

Reactivity Class
Level I


Tuesdays & Saturdays

5 weekly sessions

60 minutes


Current Patients


Does your dog bark, lunge, snarl, or growl at other dogs while out on walks? What starts as a relaxing walk to get some exercise and fresh air turns into a disaster? This class was made for you!

  • Understand why your dog exhibits reactivity

  • Learn to modify your behavior to best help your dog

  • Teach your dog simple skills and techniques to manage reactivity

  • Learn how to stay calm in the presence of triggers

This 5-week course will be completed in-person at our Fairfax Campus. We only accept 4 canine candidates per course to ensure proper safety and management of all participants. The first week will be an orientation class for humans only - no dogs allowed. The remaining 4 weeks will be in-person, with dogs present, in order to begin working through each dog's individual reactivity challenges in a controlled, group setting.

Enrollment limited to active patients/clients of ABWC.

Please call or email to enroll.


Your Instructors :

Kayla Frazier, CPDT-KA, Courtney Moyer, CPDT-KA, LCSW, and Sydney Wayne

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