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Above all, the team of the Animal Behavior Wellness Center prides itself on being educators. Yes, we can do all these things, but you are a pet owner, shelter worker, veterinarian, trainer, or community organizer. We want everyone to know how to communicate with and enjoy animals.


We want to share what we know! Let us!

Pet Selection Counseling

When a family is first starting the process of acquiring a new pet, it can be difficult to wade through everything you'll need to know. Perhaps you aren't sure what type of pet would best fit for your family or maybe what specific breed? It can also be helpful have a solid understand of husbandry for your specific pet type before acquiring it. Animals are learning all the time, even as soon as they walk in the door. Teach them what you want from the beginning instead of trying to clean up along the way. 

Let us give you guidance on finding that new family friend and learning how to care for them properly. 


Many people have common concerns when it comes to their pets. Our team routinely schedules public "workshops." Come to these classes and learn some new skills or discuss behavior topics. 

We're always looking for suggestions. Feel like you'd enjoy learning something specific, please let us know!

Community Education

Community outreach is a lot of fun. Whether we're teaching a group of pre-schoolers about pet safety or an AKC breed club about stress during shows, we're happy to share our knowledge. 

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Professional Education

As a referral practice, we feel it is our mission to help our fellow pet professionals learn how to do what we do. Take the guess work out of the case and call us for recommendations. If you are a trainer, groomer, shelter/rescue worker, veterinarian, technician, assistant, student, or anyone else in the pet industry, we are happy to help. 

Group Seminars

We love teaching groups at veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, and boarding facilities. We are experts in stress reduction and force free handling. Let us show you how to make your critters feel more comfortable no matter what you do.


Looking to start a big new program, but want extra help? 

  • Behavior residency

  • Technician specialty

  • KPA

  • ..more!

We can provide the one-on-one assistance you need to thrive and grow into the world of animal behavior. ​

Shadow Opportunities

We're always happy to meet other behavior enthusiasts in our area. Please contact us for times when you could spend the day and watch us in action. Dr. Pike also takes a select few veterinary students each year to study under her before graduation. Please send your application and request to our email. 

Have something else in mind? Please feel free to contact us with any special inquiries. 

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