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Stepping Up & Stepping Out

Reactivity Class
Level II


Tuesdays & Saturdays

5 weekly sessions

60 minutes


Current Patients


This 5 week course is designed to practice real life walking scenarios in a safe, controlled training environment. This course takes place outside and works to build upon reactivity foundations that were covered in Level 1. In this course, you and your dog will practice more exposure to other dogs and work to decrease distance of exposure. The goal of this course is to advance learning in a more practical setting, and teach your dog how to rely on avoidance and disengage from other dogs while on leash. ** This class DOES NOT cover direct, on-leash interaction with other dogs. Leash greetings will not be practiced, nor will they be a goal of this course. **


Enrollment limited to active patients/clients of ABWC.

Please call or email to enroll.


Your Instructors :

Kayla Frazier, CPDT-KA and Courtney Moyer, CPDT-KA, LCSW

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